Welcome to U. P. Filament

U. P. Filaments (INDIA), the India based Polypropylene Multi filament Yarn and Rigid Narrow - Woven Fabric/Tape/Webbing, began to existence two decades ago in state of Uttar Pradesh India.

With a Vision to "Progress with Distribution", Company is producing all its products on state of the art imported equipments and machinery imported form European plant manufacturers. Polypropylene Multi filament Yarn being produced on M/s Neumag / Barmag W. Germany FDY single stage plant and Rigid Narrow - Woven Fabric i.e. Webbing on Needle Loom from M/s Müller W. Germany and Bonus, England.

With consistent quality and best Raw - Material available, U. P. Filaments established his name as The Best Quality product manufacturer in India. And at least equivalent to other best manufacturer outside India.

We at U. P. Filaments (INDIA) due to dedicated work force and highly motivated team, Company is expanding at an immense pace.

M/s U. P. Filaments (INDIA) is establishing another manufacturing unit in Uttranchal under the title M/s Uttranchal Filaments (INDIA) for manufacturing Polypropylene Multi filament Yarn in Normal Tenacity and high tenacity quality along with Narrow - Woven Fabric.

We request you to take a look at our wide range of product by scanning through these pages and then give us a chance to help and serve you. We will make sure to be there fur you any time, all time.

Polypropylene Webbing & Tape

Webbing Tape

Webbing is a strong, narrow, closely woven fabric used in many different purposes. We make use of raw materials polypropylene.
Polypropylene Yarn

Webbing Tape and Polypropylene Multi filament Yarn

We under the title U.P. filament (India) are the manufacturer of Polypropylene Multi filament yarn in India...